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Oswald Cobblepot
Dave Grohl
Ice Skating Beauties- Keith, Mikaela, Ewan, and Carl
Sexy Scientists- Carlos and Cosima
It’s Autumn!
My grandparents
I’m really proud of how this came out and that’s weird for me

Alana Gorgette and Annette Reyes
Something That Calls Itself Axalendra turned 2 today!
Kieren and Amy from In The Flesh
I’d be extremely sad if this phenomenal show got canceled. Please let there be another season
Turtles on a Tulip
L to R Aaron Tran, Dylan Dempsie, Sadie Quinto, Mikaela Garfield, Ewan Sahar, Keith Anders, Carl Lyle Reyes, Alex Murciano, Rachel Stanley
Dylan Marron as Ari in Whatever This Is.

Cecil and Carlos

Cecil and Dylan